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Yogesh Rawal

Growing up in Mumbai's Shivaji Park, Yogesh Rawal's longstanding exploration of collage as a medium began when he decided to use inexpensive tissue paper used to make the streamers for the annual Ganesh utsav in lieu of paints he could scarcely afford. Over the years, Rawal has mastered the technique, refining it to the point where his collages appear painted rather than glued, creating luminous worlds populated by simple geometric forms, myriad shapes coaxed out of torn scraps of paper, and fields of colour.

In line with most abstract manifestos, Rawal's work evinces a return to the essentials - the fundamentals of point, line, colour and most importantly, of light. Exploring the emotive potency of light has since been a preoccupation in Rawal's vast oeuvre encompassing collage, sculpture, printmaking, and painting.

Often non-narrative and non-figurative, his works are - to paraphrase Rawal himself - inner conversations or personal dialogues that are then processed through varied techniques and media. Radiant with an inner vision and energy, Rawal's works are able to convey movement, alternation, and rhythm using the most basic geometric forms such as squares, triangles, parallelograms, and circles. His intuitive use of colour and tonality evokes the immaterial world of the mind, at times rejoicing in layered arabesques of vivid colour and at others, lapsing into meditative quietness, bleached of all but the purest whites and sedate creams.

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