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Trilok Prakash Soni

The son and pupil of Badrilal Chitrakar, the renowned miniature painter from Bhilwara, Rajasthan, Trilok Prakash Soni is now a national award nominee in his own right.

Unlike most artists working in tradition techniques, Soni began his apprenticeship not when he was a child but at the age of 17 when he consciously chose art over medicine as a career. Following his father's lead, he underwent a rigorous training in not one but almost all schools of Indian miniature painting - the Picchwai of Nathdwara, the Rajput schools of Bundi, Kota, Kishangarh, the Pahari schools of Basohli and Kangra, the Jain pats and Kalpasutra, Mughal, and Company styles.

Soni has also worked in a variety of media including paper, cloth, stone, and mica as well as a variety of formats ranging from intricate miniatures to modern, often large, adaptations of conventional compositions from miniature paintings into murals.

"As the world is modernising, artists, interior designers and architects play an important role in defining the context of our us opportunities to create large site specific works", explains Soni.

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