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Established as a heritage and design cell in the year 2006, TMD is led by the architect, Niket Deshpande and conservation architect Tapan Mittal-Deshpande. Their diverse work includes research and documentation, urban design guidelines, and master planning for heritage-based development. Collaborative in nature, TMD works with multi-disciplinary teams as well as local communities to conserve traditional architecture within different contexts through restoration, effective reuse, design and interpretation.

Having worked closely with Rajeev Sethi, the curator, since the very inception of the artwork program at the Mumbai International Airport they were asked to create a quilted installation inspired by the quilts of the Siddi tribe Initially TMD tried procuring quilts from Siddi tribal settlements in Karnataka but the costs proved prohibitive and in most cases their craft had been refined to suit market tastes. To retain the strong folk aesthetic of the traditional quilts, TMD set about training quilters in Mumbai's slums on how to streamline their production system and create employment through their craft. They also liaised with the Mumbai mitra-mandals who organised a team of youth who would go around the city on their bikes to source the scraps of cloth required for the quilts. New quilters were brought into the project to expand the team.

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