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  • India Elemental

    Based on the Ancient Indian philosophy of the ‘Panchmahabhutas’ which states that all materials, living or non-living are made of five fundamental elements, earth, water, fire, air and space, all associated with the five senses.

    India Global

    Represents an India in the making, where new forms, materials and ways of being come together in novel ways, representing a constantly evolving and dynamic country.

    India Silent Sentinels

    Composed of various architectural and sculptural elements that traditionally featured in the thresholds of homes. Serving as declarations of identity and belonging, these elements also symbolically guarded the entrance.

    India Greets

    Presented as a tableau of doorways, façades and porches sourced from various parts of the country. This theme is replete with symbols of welcome and protection – lotuses, angels, ancestral figures, and celestial guardian figures.

    India Moves

    Pays homage to journeys of the body and the soul. Antique boats, bullock carts and palanquins speak of modes of transport both mundane and festive, while temple chariots and Padukas evoke living traditions of deities that bestowed devotees with a glimpse of the divine.                    Coming Soon...

    India Seamless

    Consists of four installations, each from one corner of the country. The installations are creative collaborations between contemporary artists and artisans who are interpreting and reinventing local design vocabularies.

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