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Singing Pictures from West Bengal ( A tradition dating back to 13th century AD)

11 Sep 2015 to 30 Oct 2015

In West Bengal stories were not just told, they were performed through mesmerizing songs and fascinating pictures. The performers were multi talented, not only were they masters of song but they would paint the pictures too! These stories were performed in open courtyards in the villages and they would move from one village to another with their scrolls. They hail from a community that has been following this craft for many centuries and they are called patuas (engravers in Bengali) or sometimes evens 'chitrakars' (the one who makes pictures). The stories could be mythic, folk or even contemporary events meeting the changing needs and interests of their audience. This also dictates the length of the scroll, some of them are 10 feet long while in a few instances it could run to a meters!

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