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Rajesh Vangad

Born in the village of Ganjad in Dahanu, Maharashtra, Vangad first began learning about Warli painting from his mother. She was a suvashini - the term literally means 'a married woman whose husband is still alive', but is used to indicate the women who possess hatachi kasab or innate artistic ability and are trained from childhood in the conventions of Warli painting and their symbolism. Accompanying his mother to the houses she was invited to paint the walls of, Vangad gradually familiarised himself with the vocabulary of Warli painting and began painting. He started his career assisting Jivya Soma Mashe, the first male artist in the Warli community who was also instrumental in bringing Warli painting to the notice of the world.

Following in the footsteps of Mashe, his guru, Vangad annexes the techniques, forms, and symbolism of the Warli tradition while interweaving these with an acute perception of current events and personal life experiences.

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