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Pankaj Saroj

Now a resident of Delhi, Pankaj Saroj was born in the district of Mainpuri, which lies between Agra and Kanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. After completing a Bachelors degree in science, he made a dramatic career shift, joining the Delhi College of Art for a Diploma. He then went on to study printmaking in Bhopal and complete a Masters degree in painting at the Gwalior College of Arts & Crafts.

Despite immersing himself in exploring watercolours, oils, etching, woodcuts and linoleum prints, sculptures and installation, Saroj's preferred medium remains drawing, especially in charcoal and pencil. In recent works, Saroj has been transferring his drawings onto glass sheets, adding both translucency and an additional dimension.

Although they often represent human figures, his drawings are so highly stylised as to transform the forms into grotesque, feral creatures. Combining incisive bold lines with very detailed markings and textures in lighter strokes and grey tones, they seem to vibrate with an agitated energy.

In 'Bombay Toys', the size and complexity of the installation notwithstanding, Saroj found that he had no hesitation or difficulties about taking on a public art project of this magnitude. "I have done many public art projects with Khoj and a number of travelling shows on my own. I also feel drawing is a medium that everyone intuitively connects with and so I did not feel the need to adapt or alter my work in any way for the airport and its audiences", says the artist.

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