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Mukul Goyal

Mukul Goyal straddles the world of art and design by collapsing categories and erasing boundaries that often exist around these two creative worlds. Goyal is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London, and an alumnus of Domus Academy, Milan, the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He is currently the Principal Designer and Director at Designwise India Pvt. Ltd. He also has his own label, Tattva, which specializes in home accessories.

Goyal's career echoes his education, displaying a penchant for exploration and the need to find a distinct voice. The former led him to work with various materials such as metals, leather, plastic, glass and ceramic as well as design fields - jewellery, personal accessories, hardware and home décor. As a designer, Goyal drew on Indian craft for inspiration, combining traditional materials and skills with contemporary expression and an engineer's enthusiasm for new technological possibilities. Goyal's designs draws inspiration from everyday life, especially observations of human behaviour, injecting everyday objects with humour, imagination and narrative.

Many of Goyal's products feature human forms - a mirror frame may sport a man looking at his reflection in the mirror, a doorstopper may be designed to resemble a miniature human leaning against the door to keep it ajar, and similarly, a bookend may be made of two men leaning nonchalantly, hands and legs spread-eagled against the books they are supported. According to the designer, these quirky figurative products have proven most popular global - "I think it's because they are easy to relate to and are fun. People see a little bit of themselves in these products. I think what makes my products unique is their ability to both surprise the users as well as emotionally connect with them."

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