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Madhvi Parekh

Madhvi Parekh was born in Sanjaya, a village near Ahmedabad in Gujarat, a few years before Independence. At the age of 15, she was married to the artist Manu Parekh, then working with the Weavers' Service Centre, Mumbai.

Madhvi Parekh began painting on canvas under the guidance of her husband, an alumnus of the JJ School of Arts. By the time the Parekhs had their daughters (1965 and 1973) they had moved to Calcutta. Madhvi Parekh continued to paint and draw with pen and ink while raising her fledgling family, and soon her artworks began reflecting a distinct style. Drawing on rural and folk art, Parekh's work are imbued with a strong sense of design and recurring decorative markings. Often dubbed 'naive', her paintings present mythical and biographical narratives through the prism of highly personalized hieroglyphics and surrealistic imagery.

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