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Largest Solo Exhibition of Mata-ni-Pachedi (Hand painted textile of Gujarat, a 300 year old art form)

17 Jul 2015 to 04 Sep 2015

The first temporary exhibition of the Jaya He Museum, showcased the works by Sanjay Chittara, who paints "Mata-ni-Pachedi's".The exact date of the origin of Mata ni Pachedis is unknown but it has been painted by the Vaghri tribe (now identified as Devipujak) of Gujarat who were nomadic. "Mata ni Pachedi" means, "behind the Goddess", the thing referred to, is a temporary shrine made of painted cloth and is located behind the back wall of the temple. This practice was adopted as the Devipujaks in the past were banned from entering the temples. Pachedis were also offered to the goddess during the rituals, especially during Navratra (Nine days when the Goddess Durga is worshipped in her nine forms across India).

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