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Indrapramit Roy

Indrapramit Roy studied printmaking at Santiniketan before deciding to pursue painting while completing a Masters degree at MS University, Vadodara, and later, during his second Masters degree at the Royal College of Art, London. The mixed media and collage works from this phase of Roy's career incorporate surfaces that could be scored, rubbed, punctured or folded, perhaps to retain some of the tactility of printmaking in painting. Roy eventually returned to watercolours - a medium that demands every stroke of the brush be the product of artistic intent, rather than of serendipity.

Roy moved from printmaking to painting, to - in his own words - "be able to encompass a larger canvas of life where things happen simultaneously, like a change of scene, like a revolving stage enabling you to move from one space to another - both literally and metaphorically."

One constant during these explorations has been a concern with the emotive resonances of space. Atmospheric masses of colour invest familiar scenes of urban life with a poetic quality, drawing on the viewers' memories and aspirations to convey a range of associative - and often opposing - meanings. Thus a luminous cityscape may elicit a host of responses. Loneliness, tranquility, achievement, hope and despair nuance the idea of the city, its promises of progress and its experienced dystopias. Roy deliberately evacuates figures from the scenes he paints. Carefully composed and illuminated, his urbanscapes are reminiscent of a stage set minutes before the performance.

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