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Gigi Scaria

Born in the village of Kothanalloor in central Kerala, Scaria completed a Bachelor's degree in art, specializing in painting at the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram. He then moved to New Delhi to undertake a Masters Degree at Jamia Milia.

Gigi Scaria works in several mediums ranging from large-scale sculptural installations to digitally produced photomontages and new media video works. Much of his work dwells on the transformation of urban spaces in India, especially in Delhi, the city in which he lives and works. Scaria maps these territories not just spatially or in terms of their architectural typography, but as socially engaged spaces with cultural, religious, and ethnic identities. His work investigates how the city and its structures are inscribed with markers of class, status, wealth and hierarchy. Over the course of many residencies and travels, as well as his studio practice, Scaria has negotiated his understanding of urban dystopias, violence and the survival instinct of the city.

Due to the large, outdoor nature of most of his work, Scaria has an accentuated understanding of public art. "My work deals with a public that is usually not art literate and so the works try to speak for themselves without any extra contextualization. Movement, drama and narrative form an important part of the work, though the narrative is not linear", says Scaria. The works of course have research-based underpinnings but he argues that "a good public artwork will not make the viewer aware that you are looking at an art work. It allows you to grasp the context of what you are seeing in a split second.

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