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Ganesh Selvaraj

Ganesh Selvaraj is a Chennai based artist who obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees in Fine Arts in Chennai in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2004, he studied printmaking at the Edinburgh Print Makers in the U.K. The process of printmaking informs much of his approach in mixed media works and installation art.

The dominance of the Tantric painting style in the Chennai art scene of the 1960s and 1970s, manifested in Selvaraj's work as a longstanding concern with the process of being and making, as well as a focus on metaphysics. This combined with his interest in mathematics, perhaps inspired his recurring use of the sphere as a leitmotif in his work.

Suggestive of the void, circles and spheres become a key metaphor for exploring concepts of infinity, while simultaneously allowing Selvaraj to explore treatments that suggest optical illusions and call into question the nature of human perception.

Although Ganesh Selvaraj's work appears abstract, he prefers to think of his work as conceptual. Explaining his position, the artist says, "if one is unable to understand a language, it seems abstract. But once you familiarize yourself with a language and understand its grammar, the meaning of what is said becomes clear. Even figurative works entail a form of abstraction. I may use geometric forms in my work, but I try very clearly to define an emotion or a state of mind in each of them - that's why I feel the term abstract isn't an apt description of my work."

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