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Dilip Chobisa

Dilip Chobisa works mainly in graphite, a medium that he describes as noxious yet alluring. Combining a mastery over light and drawing, Chobisa employs the trompe l'oeil, an art technique that fools the eye into believing that a two-dimensional surface possesses a third dimension. Much like elaborate staged sets, Chobisa's artworks offer the viewer a meticulously, often monochromatic world, where imagined perspectives take you on a journey even as you stand still. The skillful use of graphite, creates the effect of shadows, textures, perspective and depth of field, adding an illusion of verisimilitude.

Chobisa studied at the MS University in Baroda, graduating with a specialisation in sculpture. He combines his academic training with a longstanding love for paper creating constructed spaces with varying tactile surfaces.

His work here spans 40 feet by 6.5 feet. The fact that the work is meant to be part of a larger public art project led Chobisa to take certain decisions. "As the work will be viewed by people coming and going with various destinations in mind, I wanted to create something that could be viewed in 2 to 10 minutes. The work is minimalist, devoid of embellishments and too many complex details", said Chobisa. "There are two types of viewers who will be visiting the site, those who are going overseas from India and those who are coming to India from overseas - they will have a unique way of approaching the artwork and will read it differently. As an artist I am happy about that", he concluded.

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