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Of the Crow,Crab, Spider and the Gond (Gond painting, youngest native art from India)

02 Dec 2015 to 19 Feb 2016

The Gonds, the largest Adivasi Community in India are of Dravidian origin and live in the current states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Maharashtra, AndhraPradesh, Orissa. The word Gond comes from Kond, which means green mountains and they call themselves Koi or Koiture, but people identify them as Gond.
The Gonds traditionally painted on mud walls of their houses. Starting in the early 1980s, Jagdish Swaminthan the talented modern painter encouraged Jangarh Singh Shyam a talented Pardhan Gond who traditionally serve as professional bardic priests to transform their ritual performing arts into a new tradition of figurative and narrative visual art. Since then there has been no turning back, the artists began using a variety of modern media, including acrylic paintings on canvas, ink drawings on paper, silkscreen prints, and animated film, they have created unprecedented depictions of their natural and mythological worlds, traditional songs and oral histories.

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