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BV Suresh

Following what seems to be a tradition with most artists who graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University, Baroda, B V Suresh teaches at his alma mater as well as being a practicing artist. He also studied painting at the Royal College of Art, London, a period during which the focus of his work shifted from the immediacy of the personal and the day to day to the universality of the experience of suffering, transcending as it did geographical and cultural constraints. The phenomenon continues into his more recent works - mixed media assemblages, paintings, digital prints, and videos - in which he offers a nuanced exploration of key issues such as the growing culture of communalism and violence. Suresh's recent work gestures towards spaces where the private and the public seem to fold into each other while staging diverse acts of violence. Through this he enters into questions of representations, social and psychic violence in history and narration. Suresh's other consistent concern is the implications of visual language, in particular, the circulation of images engendered by mass media that constitute everyday visual experiences for most people, such as comic books, hoardings, newspapers, television, films, advertisements.

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