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Bhupendra Singh Uprariya

Bhupendra Singh Uprariya completed a Masters degree in Fine Arts from the University of Indore. He strives to capture the poetic soul of everyday occurrences and sights: "extracting the essence from a form and presenting the viewer with the feeling it inspires is what I call abstraction", says Uprariya.

Uprariya was initially inspired by the colour black, its nuanced depths, intensities, and vibrations, and worked with it for many years. "Almost all colours represent and present themselves only on the surface", says the artist, "Black is like the clouds, nomadic, possessed of a free will. It grows beyond the plane surface, pulling me to its core, calling out in voices that appeal to my imagination."

Ranging across media - watercolours, inks, oils, acrylic and charcoal - he has now begun experimenting with transparent colours and their inherent emotive nuances, moving away from two-dimensional surfaces to include installations as a medium. Imbued with a certain philosophical quality, Uprariya's works explore the inherent duality of light and darkness, of that which is manifested and that which is not. Uprariya has been introducing other colours into his hitherto monochromatic palette: "I gather myself and turn towards using transparent colours, much like a tree or a creeper turning towards light for its growth."

He draws his imagery from seemingly mundane details of everyday life, transforming them into abstracted, mysterious manifestations. Thus, fluid and dreamlike, white forms against a tremulous dark canvas evoke the eager flight of the kronch birds across the darkening monsoon skies. The cracks and repair marks of a concrete building find their way into his work as spidery lines etched into pristine surfaces.

Explaining his choice of imagery, Uprariya recalls the experience of arriving in a new city, and being inundated by a multitude of sights, smells, sounds and sensations, many of which are often comfortingly familiar, common as they are to many cities. Others are particular to a place, products of its unique history and culture. Unique, they distinguish one city from the many others, collectively gradually forming the visitor's idea of the city and its identity.

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