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Bhajju Shyam

Like most children from the Gond tribe, Bhajju Shyam grew up helping his mother paint the walls of their village home. At the age of 16, he moved to the city of Bhopal in search of work and soon became an apprentice to his uncle, the famous artist Jangarh Singh Shyam.

Bhajju's prowess as an independent artist grew rapidly, matched by the evolution of a distinct artistic vocabulary. Keen to both preserve the history of Gond painting, its motifs and patterns, as well as to extend it in exciting new directions, Bhajju Shyam's work embraces the mythological subjects of traditional Gond painting alongside stories of his life in the village and city and travels abroad. Suffused with both innocence and sophistication, he breathes wonderment into familiar sights and experiences, startling us into seeing the world anew and has gained recognition in his own right, exhibiting internationally and gaining exposure to other cultures and what he calls the 'danger' of unknown places during his travels.

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