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Akshay Rajpurkar

Raised in Mumbai and trained at the LS Raheja School of Art, Akshay Rajpurkar's work focuses on the metropolis of Mumbai and the various visual aspects of the city that are related to consumer behaviour.

He describes his work as a record of the teeming metropolis. "I spent my childhood in central Mumbai, surrounded by crowded streets and dense buildings. What attracted my attention amid this urban clutter were the many roadside advertisements and billboards, selling dreams and promises of utopia to people on the streets. Seducing us into a world of make-believe, they are all the more potent because they oscillate between reality and fantasy", says the artist.

Building on these influences, Rajpurkar's earlier works - mostly paintings - were characterised by interlocking or overlapping images and text, each specifically selected to complement the other in meaning and visual impact. Subsequently, he began using collage as a metaphor for the city's amalgamation of diverse peoples, embedding actual images and materials from his surroundings into his works.

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