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Abhay Pandit

Although he had been immersed in a world in which the alchemical metamorphosis of clay into many hued beautiful forms was an everyday occurrence, Abhay Pandit chose to study commercial art at the JJ School of Art, Mumbai. After graduating, he found his true calling lay not in advertising but in working with clay, a material that was comfortingly familiar but which he wanted to treat as a sculptural medium. Seeking exposure, he studied with the artist Peter Beard in the United Kingdom and at the Golden Bridge Pottery Institute at Pondicherry, where he was mentored by Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith.

Returning to Mumbai, Abhay Pandit continued his unconventional approach to ceramics. The forms of his freestanding sculptural works often reference natural phenomenon such as fossils containing the imprints of leaves and animals, the striations created on stones by water currents, the textures left on the seashore by the tide, the cracked surface of parched earth, and the flush of green after the first monsoon.

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